Living My Legend in Stuttgart

I started this blog in November 2015 as part of following the Live Your Legend (LYL) website. Throughout the following twelve months I had a lot of time and I tried to follow everything LYL suggested. My take on their philosophy was that you won’t know what you are truly meant to do in your career until you truly know yourself.

In that year I followed up on each of their blog posts, I did two of their courses, I went to other events, meetings, groups and courses. Trying lots of new stuff.

Then in November 2016 I got a new job. Not the job that LYL was leading to. But a full-time job that paid money. I needed it. From then on I did not follow every thing LYL posted about. I think a lot of it started to become repetitive anyway. But they had set my course in motion towards “living my legend”. I continued with all the new stuff I had been doing. I think, whether consciously or sub-consciously, I was continuing my self discovery.

One of the LYL courses that I did was “Connect With Anyone” (CWA). As part of this course I was put in a mastermind group which was given the name Cepheus. After CWA had finished, Cepheus remained a cohesive group. With members in London, Germany, Madrid and Denmark, we meet every week via Skype for an hour. I have found this group invaluable in helping me maintain the momentum of moving to something new and better in my life. LYL talks about having an accountability buddy to help you keep to your plan. Cepheus has become my accountability buddy.

Recently, because of LYL and Cepheus, two significant things have happened to me. Almost simultaneously.

As I had been at my new job for some months, I had to take some annual leave. I decided to visit one of the members of Cepheus – Annie in Stuttgart. As she was a member of her LYL Local group, I wanted to visit them then.

This snowballed, from just a visit, to me giving a presentation at their meeting. Also two other Cepheus members, Jonas and Miriam, visited from other parts of Germany. The meeting with LYL Stuttgart and with other Cepheus members all went really well. It was an incredible weekend. Much better than I could have imagined.

The presentation that I gave was about my journey with LYL so far. I gave a Keynote presentation and much of it was taken from this blog. At the end of the presentation I was able to report of some really good news. Which is the second of the significant things.

I got my current job back in November 2016. It was more or less the same kind of job that I had previously had. Not the great change that I wanted from doing LYL. However I had not had much employment in the year before this and I needed a job. And it was a job I could do well.

But as I had been following LYL, I had reframed my CV, my LinkedIn profile, the things that I was saying to employment agencies and, I think, my mindset. I had been pursuing the work I really wanted to do. Admittedly when I got my current job, I seem to stop. But, in the background of my life, the momentum was still there.

In late January an employment agent approached me with a new job. I thought there was no harm in looking and it turned out to be a very good fit for me, both in terms of the skills and experience that I had, but also in the direction that I really wanted to take my career. The application process when on for weeks and weeks.

Then literally ten minutes before the LYL Stuttgart event I got a call from this new employer saying that I had got the job. My final slide in my presentation at the event was asking the question, does LYL work. I think this news of my new job proves that it does.

My presentation was videoed. I have editing it, made a transcript and a PDF of the Keynote. These are available at this post.

Live Your Legend Stuttgart
Live Your Legend Stuttgart
Cepheus in Stuttgart
Cepheus in Stuttgart

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