Glug November


I went to the most recent Glug event in London and saw some really interesting speakers.


A upright plotter that can draw on a variety of surfaces with a variety of pens and brushes.


Sway – a digital democracy app

An survey app which asks pertinent questions for the time we live in. It’s aim is to move towards gauging opinion better than current polling tools.



NB Studio

Presented there re-branding of Ravensbourne University. They presented some of the feedback they got and much of the negative ones involved guns. Does this say something about university students. The branding itself is not you usual university branding.



A sound design studio. They presented some of their music and soundscapes.

Google Creative Labs

Hana Tanimura presented. She is an Australian with Japanese heritage who grew up in Switzerland. She was once told “Go back to China, Pocahontis” (obviously by a very confused xenophobe).

I liked the project called Super Sync Sports which was encouraging people to download Chrome browser and link it with their smart phone to play games.

Human After All

Talked about Weapons of Reason, an irregular magazine they publish. Each issue covers a global issue theme and is worked on for many months, each article well-considered and the art that accompanies it is specially commissioned. The magazine looks amazing. There will only be a set number of issues.



Also showed off a report they designed for the World Economic Forum. Not a groundbreaking piece, but quite nice for its genre. I liked their iconography.


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