Baby steps

One of the things that Live Your Legend emphasises is talking ‘baby steps’ towards your goal. I suppose this is for two reasons. 1. You have to walk before you can run and 2. A small step is not as daunting or as difficult as a big one.

I must admit, although I have been following LYL’s advice, I have doubted much of its effectiveness. But, then again, I doubt… in general. I am a doubter. So I have learnt to play along until I can have any evidence one way or another.

So, after almost a year after I started reading the LYL website, I think that I can say that some of their methodology is paying off.

LYL suggests joining Meetups that align with your interest. I joined quite a few, and although they are diverting, I doubted their benefit. Last week I went to a very local Meetup, one that I had tried to go to before, but the first time didn’t see the group at the pub they were supposed to meet.

This time, at the same pub, I met the group and after an hour, I was deadly bored. I was about to slip away, but on the way back from the toilet, I saw a sign to a different Meetup upstairs. It turns out to be the Meetup I had intended to go to all along. There were a lot more people, they were interesting, the Meetup was fun. And I think I might have made some useful connections for work.

But what are the chances of two separate Meetups at the same pub, on the same night?

It had been suggested to me, for years, that I try meditation. But I doubted it. So finally, at the suggestion of LYL, I bit the bullet. Even after doing it now for almost a year, I still doubt. And yet, I have also seen the benefit. It has helped with stress and anger. And if I am feeling either of those, meditation helps to dispel them.

Knowing thyself
I would say this is the central premise of LYL, although they don’t word it like this. If you know who you are, then you will know what you want to do. I still doubt that I have found the second, but nonetheless I am following the LYL program of choosing a direction and sticking with it. This has given me focus and I am enjoying it. Consequently, I am throwing myself into all things animation. I was doing this as part of my job before, but now this has become my focus.

There are a few other examples of small things that I have done, like reforming my LinkedIn page or being a bit more organised in my personal life. Generally, I think these baby steps are starting to help.

But I still doubt it.

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