What is this blog about?

Part of the “How to Connect with Anyone” course, that I’m currently doing, is a video interview between Scott Dinsmore (late founder of Live Your Legend) and Chris Guillebeau (general overachiever).

One of the things that Guillebeau said in this interview struck me, and is relevant to this blog. He says lots of people blog about their development, but few of them give an opinion, give the reader something on which they can take action.

Watch the video here. Relevant quote at around 12 minutes.

I suppose this is true about this blog. I have to ask myself exactly what it is for, and why would anyone else read it?

This is food for thought, and I haven’t come up with an answer. But I’ve decided to try (slightly) change it’s direction. One of the things I like is InfoVis and I have made many posts regarding this. But it was very haphazard, and it was just things that I found mildly interesting. With this is mind I have decided, in the future, to only post proper InfoVis that is interactive, interesting and innovative. Not just some random infographic.

I have also reorganised the archive pages containing my previous posts (top right menus, on the desktop version of the website). Separating out the infovis from the infographics.

Also, I now intend to blog about animation, as this is the direction where I am increasingly focussing my attention in my career. And there is now an animation archive as well.

While these changes hardly make this blog more compelling, I’m hoping that I’m steering it in a direction where (sooner or later) I will develop it into something worth reading.

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