As part of the Live Your Legend program I have started doing a Weekly Planner. This has been through various iterations. One was a Word document with questions on it that I had to answer. But then I ended up with a folder full of Word documents that I’m never going to look at again. Currently I use an Excel document, with similar questions, all in one column. Then each week I start a new column with my answers. And I can compare with previous weeks’ answers.

Along with the Weekly Planner, I have started keeping a diary. That is, a planner for the future (not a journal). Specifically the next week. LYL suggests that I can schedule my every minute. I have not done that. But I have a specific list of things that I want to do every day.

Initially I used an electronic diary. But I found this wasn’t flexible enough. Either I had to have a daily task or a scheduled task. And then moving things around wasn’t that easy. And the moving through the various views wasn’t easy either. I found it didn’t give me the ‘at a glance’ I was looking for.

So, I bought a paper diary. One day a page. And filled the entire next week out each Sunday. I have been using this for three months now. However each entry has been little more than a scribble. An aide de memoire, to remind me of what I should be doing.

At the moment, as I have mentioned in a previous post, I am reading a book about habits. I have just finished the chapter about changing habits. One of the methods was writing about what you were going to do, before you do it, and going into detail about this activity. Another was writing about experiences after they had happened, to debrief, and analyse what went right or wrong.

In a small way I am now going to take this advice on. I have not been sticking to my schedule as much as I would like. So I am now going to make fully worded entries into my diary. Not long, but a complete entry, that is proper written, not just scribbled. And have a specific column where I can write what has been done. Not just a tick column, but a space to write a complete entry.

We’ll see if this changes my habits.

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