Three meetings and a lack of discipline

After the brilliant Glug last week, this week has been full of meetings.

On Mondays I have been irregularly attending a meditation class. I am glad that I have joined this class, but my results at the actual class have been varied. I think, having learnt the basics at the class, I meditate better at home. But I do enjoy the social aspect of the class, and it’s nice to socialise with people who aren’t really out to compete with one another, but instead have a relatively peaceful, positive time. A contrast to the people I met at the next two meetings.

Tuesday was the latest Live Your Legend Local London meeting (LYLLL?). This meeting did not have the same structure as the other two LYLLLs that I have been to and was organised by a different person to the other two. The others have been smaller and the structure was one big group sharing with each other. This one was too big for that, and the structure was that of an audience watching (and interacting) with one speaker. But after the talk was over we then gravitated into talking in smaller groups.

The speaker of this night was the author of the book Escape the System, Joe Barnes. He structured his talk with questions for the audience and we broke into pairs at intervals discussing how we would answer these questions. A good idea, but I found the question were very similar to the ones that I have already been answering throughout the Live Your Legend process, and they are the ones where I feel I have reach unsatisfactory answers – like, “what’s your passion?”

Wednesday was the latest London New Tech talk at the Google Campus. This event keeps getting more and more popular. I turned up on time for once and I’m lucky I did. Out of a potential 600 attendees only 130 were let in. The presenters ranged from a really enthusiastic guy talking about a new way of dynamically pricing hotel rooms to a woman who droned on about who knows what and I doubt got anyone interested in what she was promoting. I could have made a list of speakers and links for this blog post, but personally I’d like to see this event have it’s own website. Somewhere I could point to and that would have a summary of all the speakers. I think there is the audience for it. I actually talked to the organiser about it.

One final point about this week: the regular Live Your Legend blog/email shot was entitled “12 Ways to Create More Time to do What You Love”. Point five is one that I really have problems with “Stocktake the Wasted Hours of Your Day”. What this means, for me, is the time lost of the internet – social networks and YouTube. I really need a YouTube lock on all my devices. The problem is that I would be the one setting it up and therefore I would know how to circumvent this. I need to get more discipline on this. I know I can do it, as I have developed discipline in other parts of my life. I even wrote myself a sign “NO YOUTUBE”. Maybe I need a bigger sign.

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