Last Thursday I went to an event called Glug. It was an evening of talks and networking surrounding the creative industries. There is an entrance fee (less than £15) and the one I went to sold out well before the date of the event.

They are sort of like TED events, but instead of “ideas” in general, they are about creative work.

They are worldwide set of events and you can see some of there talks here,

I saw talks for an augmented reality app, for an artist who does illustration for Pottermore (the extended Harry Potter world), and for a set of street artists who are heavily influenced by typography. Plus another speaker who sung a funny song about Kerning – “Close, but not touching”.

I also managed to network with some people and I met a career coach called Nicky Moran ( who specialises in coaching creatives. I will report back if I end up using her services.

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