Good things are supposed to come from volunteering, right?

When approaching this post, I was uncertain of how much detail I should share. Detail, not just of one thing, but several topics relating to the past few weeks in my life.

I have only written once on this blog in the last six weeks (infovis posts don’t count). The reason for this is two-fold. The first reason is that I was ill (one of the things I wondered whether I should share. I am fully recovered now). The second reason is that I have been working day and night on a project (which, again, I’m unsure of how much to share).

As part of Live Your Legend, they suggest that you offer you time to people to help them, and that good things will come from this. I agree with this, and in the past fews months I have volunteered my time for four different projects.

Nothing immediately came of my offers. In some cases I was communicating with the people involved. In other cases things were just moving slowly, I had to wait up to a month for a reply. But then within a space of about 3 weeks, it looked like all my offers were going to have to be acted upon.

Great, right? Except this was precisely at the time I was ill. I followed through with the first one. But I had to go back to the other three and withdraw my help. Doesn’t look good.

Now that I am better, there will be opportunities in all three cases to help out again. Which I intend on doing. Possibly approaching them only one at a time.

That leaves the fourth, which I actually said yes to. Fortunately for the first few weeks, all that was involved was a couple of meetings. Then by the time I was better they called on me to do a lot of work for them. Which I was happy to do.

This is another of those points where I wonder what and how much I should share. I’m not going to name the project I worked on, because my experience was mixed. That is, not completely positive. I did write many paragraphs about this experience, but it all seemed so negative that I deleted them, and I will now try to be briefer.

Although most people on the project are nice people, there is one guy who is very bad at the task he has been assigned. As this task is also in my area of expertise, I tried to help out. This was welcomed by the majority, but this guy threw a tantrum and his one ally resorted to bullying, so they got their way. I am of the opinion that if someone has to resort to bullying then they already know their point of view is without merit. Rather than do what’s best for the project, this guy has put his ego first.

I joined up to help this project in a particular area, which is now very substandard and nothing can be done to change it. I am volunteering my time for these people, and as you can imagine, I really don’t want to be in toxic situations like this. I am unsure whether I should just walk away.

Good things are supposed to come from volunteering, right?

It’s ironic that one of the most recent posts on Live Your Legend was subtitled “Why I Refuse to Lose Faith in Humanity”. At the moment my faith is very shaky.

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