InfoVis – Urbanisation, Religion, Spanish spending

Two animated world maps, showing the spread of people throughout history, one through the spread of cities and one through the spread of religion.

The History of Urbanisation

3700 BC – 2000 AD, in an animated map.

The History of Religion

An animated map shows how religion spread around the world, 3000BC to present.

I have done a very rough summary of where this animation says we are at in the present day.


How do the Spanish spend their money?

This is an article from the Spanish newspaper El Pais (in Spanish). But there is an interactive pie chart which I found interesting.

The categories on the inner ring (in decreasing order) are: Housing, water, electricity and other fuel; Food and non-alcoholic drink; Transport; Hotels, cafes and restaurants; Other goods and services; Leisure, shows and culture; Clothes and footwear; Furniture, furnishings and housing maintenance; Health; Communications; Alcohol and tobacco; Education.

Spanish spending

Airbus vs Buckingham Palace

The other day I was watching a documentary about the Airbus A380. It stated that the Airbus was taller than Buckingham Palace. So I investigated further. I found that it is probably only a few inches taller than Buckingham Palace, both standing at 24 metres. But what about the other dimensions? The frontage of Buckingham Palace (the bit that the public can see) is 108m wide, whereas the A380 has a wingspan of 80m.

I put together a side by side comparison. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. The A380 typically seats 525 passengers, but has the potential for a maximum of 853.


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