InfoVis – Sex, music and the meaning of life

Sex, Income and Happiness

Several graphs and analysis showing the correlation (or not) between these three factors. More sex does make you happier.

sex vs happiness


Musicmap attempts to provide the ultimate genealogy of popular music genres, including their relations and history. It is a highly detailed, interactive graphic which shows all the interconnections between various genres of music. There are various links to click and when you zoom in (mouse wheel or zoom buttons) there is so much more detail. Each genre has it’s own slide-in description with examples.


Untangling the Air Traffic Network

This “map” is the result of the application of a force-directed layout algorithm on a graph of 3,275 airport. See the website for more details, and an animated gif where the map morphs between the force-directed and geographic layouts.

airports network

Watch How America Outspends Everyone on the Military

A video animation showing every countries’ military spending over the last 25 years.

military spending

How long would it take to read the terms of your smartphone apps?

If you have 33 apps installed on your smart phone (as the average Norwegians does) and decided to read all their terms and conditions, how long would that take? 31 hours, according to Norwegian researchers. They then printed them out and made this monster of a folder of reading. Follow this link for a break down of each app. iTunes was the longest at 193 minutes.


The next two are more information graphics rather than information visualisations.

The Meaning of Life

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Star Wars, Episode IV as an infographic

A very long infographic. 465152 pixels long to be precise.


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