21 Days to Discover Your Passion

Today I finished Live Your Legend’s “21 Days to Discover Your Passion” course.

Did I discover my passion? I’m not sure, but it has given me a direction to take (the Motion Graphics route). I will take this route, and in the future I will assess how this is going and I may have to come back and try again.

I don’t feel that I adequately completed every module, and it is my intention to go over some of these modules regularly in an attempt to try to fulfill all of them.

While I’m hear, I’m going to repeat two sentences that the course got me to create.


I give myself permission to find my passion, to take the time to find out what this is and not always take the easy, lazy way out.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of my life is to learn, educate and create in a fun, positive way.

Below I list each of the 21 modules and they are linked individual to my post about that particular module. I do this for several reasons. One is so I can then delete this list from the “recent posts” list in the left column of this website (desktop version). It looks repetitive. Another is so I have an easy overview of all the topics. And another is so I can put a star next to ones that I think I need to go back and work on.

Day 1 – Give Yourself Permission

Day 2 – How to Unhate Your Job

Day 3 – Getting Real – Worst-Case Scenario

Day 4 – Reframing Discomfort

Day 5 – Creating Congruency and Inspiring Inspiration

Day 6 – Realising What You Want – Values 101

Day 7 – Recognising Your Uniqueness

Day 8 – Discovering Your Strengths and Non-Strengths

Day 9 – Enlisting the Help of Others

Day 10 – Defining Your Success

Day 11 – Defining Your Change

Day 12 – Committing to Your Change

Day 13 – Environment is Everything

Day 14* – Getting the Right People in Your Corner: Modelling

Day 15* – Getting the Right People in Your Corner: Mentoring

Day 16* – Getting Accountable

Day 17* – Identifying Your Passion and Creating Momentum

Day 18 – Creating Time – Productivity 101

Day 19* – Introduction to the 3 C’s

Day 20 – The Best Self-Discovery Tool on the Planet

Day 21 – Making It All Stick…

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