21 days to… day twenty one


Today is day twenty one of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Making It All Stick…”

After completing 20 days of this course in 20 days, this last post is four days late as I was ill. Two days in bed, one day just recuperating, and then yesterday I went to a TEDx conference. I will be writing more about that in another post, but some of what I learnt there is also relevant to today’s exercises.

Schedule 30 minutes everyday to consume something that will help you grow

I am currently learning Spanish, and at TEDx yesterday there was a speaker with tips about learning a language. Two of which were immersion and regularity. So my idea was to do some sort of Spanish study for 30 minutes a day, or at the very least listen to Spanish language radio.

But also, at TEDx, there was the opportunity to join a book club. The books they choose are exactly the kinds of books I have been reading and I think if I join then this would motivate me to read a lot more regularly.

Join a group of like minded people

Since I started following the Live Your Legend website it has suggested doing this and I have indeed joined quite a few groups. Including Live Your Legend London, Go London, London Motion Graphics Meetup (more about this in a post soon), a Mindfulness group, a Geeks group, a local Spanish learners group

When something doesn’t go as planned, immediately write down what you learned (be specific) and more importantly, what you can do differently next time

I will try to remember to do this.

List all of the people that you currently help in your job

I don’t currently have a full time job. But I do maintain a website for a company, so I suppose I help our these people. And I recently did some work with Mars Spiders, so I helped them.

Then list all of the people you would like to help

I recently volunteered for TEDxWandsworth (no word back yet) and I’d like to help our with LYL Local London (more on that in a future post, I hope).

I have an idea of helping to improve the processes in the last job I had, but this is an industry I want to move away from.


And what ways would you like to contribute once you have grown to where you want to be

Again, this “where you want to be”. Where is this?

If I could do what I wanted, who would this help? I believe that the intelligent display of information can convey that is obscure to many of us, and ultimately educate. I want to help consumers of information, which ultimately is everyone.

Schedule the next thing you will show up or sign up for


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