21 days to… day nineteen


Today is day nineteen of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Introduction to the 3 C’s”

Before I move onto today’s exercises, I want to mention that last night I went to two networking events that are directly related to this course. The first was a Motion Graphics Meetup. The second was the Live Your Legend Local London Meetup. I will write more about both of these in a few days at the end of this 21 days course.

Today’s lesson is about the 3 C’s: Consume, Connect, Create. And how there needs to be balanced between them.

Today’s first task. Repeat my mission statement.

The purpose of my life is to learn, educate and create in a fun, positive way.

Second task is to work out what proportion of my week is spent doing various tasks.

Consume. I would say that although I consume a lot of information, I do waste a lot of time consuming junk YouTube videos, Facebook and Reddit. YouTube being my biggest problem. Also I need to read more, but more of that in the next task.

Connect. When I first started following LYL I realised I needed to connect more and so I joined a pile of Meetup groups (and actually go to their events). I also reached out to a load of old friends who I hadn’t spoke to on the phone for a while. I continue to do this, because so of them are taking months to nail down.

Create. I love creating. And I try to do it every day. At the moment I think my output suffers because too much YouTube. Also, I faff about at home too much. What I mean by that, is that I generally waste time. I need to be more time efficient with general every day stuff. The other thing that takes up a big chunk of my time is socialising. I tend to go out with a particular group of friend in London a lot. I go through periods where I tell myself that I’ll only do this once a week. But then I falter and it’s three evenings or more, or all weekend. Nothing wrong with socialising, but these friends are going to go out whether I’m with them or not. I’m going to try to be more disciplined in this area.

The third task is how am I going to re-balance these?

Consume. I need to institute a rule, no YouTube outside of break times. Also, I have already calendared reading time for my next book for the ten days following this 21 day course.

Connect. I have texted a friend I haven’t seen in a while to see if he wants to catch up.

Create. I have several projects that I am doing at once. I will now concentrate on finishing one in particular (which is an update to my showreel) and I will leave YouTube alone to concentrate on the project.

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