21 days to… day sixteen

Before I get onto today’s task, I have to mention that on Wednesday I did the second of three “out of my comfort zone” experiences. This one was me going to a Conservative Party/EU Leave Vote talk. The room was full of people who I obviously disagreed with, but I went and listened and stayed to the end. I must admit that the talk was well argued, although ultimately I disagree on the fundamental point.

Today is day sixteen of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Getting Accountable”

First task: repeat my “mission statement”. Done.

Second task: Join the LYL Action and Accountability Team group on Facebook. Did that some months ago.

Third task: Find an accountability buddy. This someone who will spur me on to do all the other things I’m meant to do as part of this course. I have been looking for someone like this for some time. Haven’t found them yet.

However, there is a Live Your Legend Local London event coming up on Monday. Although I will be getting there late, as I’ve already booked and paid to go to another networking event to do with Motion Graphics. However at the LYL event I will ask if anyone is looking for an accountability buddy. Then on Tuesday I will post in the Facebook group asking the same.

So, to summarise the last three exercises. I need to find:

  • an in-person model
  • a mentor
  • an accountability buddy

Hmph, I have trouble having regular meetings with friends. I live in London. Everyone always seems too busy. But I will keep looking.

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