21 days to… day fifteen

Day fifteen of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Getting the Right People in Your Corner: Mentoring”

I’m not enjoying this part of this course. This mentoring exercise is very similar to something from Live Your Legend that I have already tried. I have not succeeded and I continue to try.

Today’s questions…

Whose opinions do you trust the most?

My close friends.

Who do you look up to and hope to be like one day?

I have, at various times of my life, had the phrase (half jokingly), “When I grow up, I want to be…”. The end of this phrase was once Neville Brody (influential 80s graphic designer), Tyler Brule (magazine editor/publisher) and most recently Hans Rosling (creator of interactive info graphics).

Whom do you admire?

In my personal life? My close friends. In the general world sphere? People who are open and express their intelligence to better the world, e.g. Muhammand Ali (I give this example as he recently died).

Look at the relationships that people have around you. Who are their mentors and advisers?

Other than family and friends I don’t know if the “people around me” have mentors.

Pick one or more of these people and send a short note or email letting them know the impact they’ve already had and the progress you’ve made thanks to them.

No. These are people who’ve had an impact on the “people around me”. Not me. Or are they trying to say I should send a note to someone who has had an impact on me. I think those people already know this. In fact, these are the same people I have been contacting when I’ve had the other exercises that say “ask the people around you”. And then I thanked them when they did respond.

Who can you help?

I recently helped out a friend with his business.  I may do some more of that. I have offered my help at London New Tech, and I will pursue this.  I will also see if my LYL Local group needs help.

I think this exercise was supposed to get me closer to finding a mentor. I don’t feel it has done that.

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