21 days to… day fourteen

Day fourteen of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Getting the Right People in Your Corner: Modelling”

Today’s task? Model myself after a successful person, in eight steps.

1. Choose Your Interest

Still not sure about this one. Either information visualisation or motion graphics. So I choose, infovis.

2. Pick Your Models

Hans Rosling. I think this is the person that I’ve mentioned most on this blog.

3. Find an In-person Model

In other words, you’re (probably) not going to be able to get near your ideal person. Choose someone realistic.

Ha! This is a fudge. I suppose this requires some research on my part. Who in London is like Hans Rosling and accessible?

Even after three steps, I’m doubting this process. Because I’m still not sure that infovis is the direction I should be pointing.

4. Dissect Their Process
5. Understand Their 80/20
6. Model What They Don’t Do
7. Take the Good and Leave the Bad

Work out what this ‘model person’ does. Their process. Work out the 20% that gets the best results. Work out what they don’t do.

I still need to find a model. I’m not feeling that engagement I want yet.

8. Be Unique

This has never been my problem.

As I have been following the LYL website for some months now, I have heard all this advice before. And I have tried following it. But knowing what I want, and then finding that model is not easy. I have gone to various meetings (and will continue to do so) in an attempt to find what I’m looking for. But after more than 6 months, I don’t feel I’ve made that much progress.

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