21 days to… day thirteen

Day thirteen of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Environment is Everything”

Answer the following questions:

Name the people who you spend time around who constantly doubt you, drain your energy, and discourage you.

First of all, I wouldn’t name anyone publicly on this blog. But that’s not to say that I wouldn’t have a private list. However, thinking about it, I don’t think I do spend time around anyone like this. Not to say that I’ve never met anyone like this, or that I haven’t previously had someone like this in my life, but not at the moment. I think recently I have been consciously moving away from people like this. One of the reasons I quit my permanent job last year. So I have no real answer for this question.

What passionate people do you currently know?

Aaron Connor, Denis Voight, Manuel Quezada. All good friends. Do I know anyone passionate in my work life? Not really.

Who do you want to be around but currently aren’t?

I don’t think I have an answer to this question. I understand the LYL concept of surrounding oneself with inspiring people, and thereby being inspired. And I have tried to do this. But specific people? I don’t know. The problem, as always, is defining where I want to go. Then I can find out who is there. Then I can have that want, to be around them.

Who inspires you?

As part of the LYL course I have been asked this several times. In fact, I’ve been asked this twice already on this 21 day course. So I already have these answers.

Hans Rosling – because he uses his infographic and his enthusiastic presentation technique to convey information

Steve Jobs – cliched I know, but for being unwavering in his vision

William Kamkwamba – a young African guy who bought electricity to his village, by learning about wind powered electricity generation all by himself

Anita Sarkesian – for continuing to do her work despite being one of the most trolled people in the history of the internet.

The final part of today’s exercise is to commit to going to a Live Your Legend event in my area within a month. And I’d love to. But Live Your Legend London just doesn’t seem to happen. I went back to their Facebook page today and saw there are seven administrators. I find it odd that seven, supposedly switch on people, can’t organise a monthly event. I am thinking that maybe I should get involved.

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