21 days to… day twelve


Day twelve of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Committing to Your Change”

This course loves the word “congruent”, which they use to mean aligned your actions with what you actually want out of life. Today’s lesson had sentences like “You will start to know when and what catches your eye”, and “Make it your purpose to understand your life’s purpose.” They have the supposition that if you follow what you’re interested in you will find your dream job. And ultimately this is what this course is about. A job. Or at least an income. Or a way of existing comfortably in this world, which usually means an income.

I get the idea that they addressing people who are really unhappy with what they have done previously. But as one friend of mine said in the response to the four questions I sent him (day 9): “I have always thought that your natural job was doing what you were doing then and have been doing ever since. You were one of my few friends who seemed to find something he liked”. So I don’t hate the career I’ve had, I just think that I could have done better. I’ve slipped into a regular, repetitive corporate world. Generally the only time I hate my job is because I might have to work with unpleasant people. It’s not the work, per se, that is the biggest problem. But I still do want a change. Hence this course.

Today’s Task 1: Write down your newly defined mission statement

The purpose of my life is to learn, educate and create in a fun, positive way.

I suspect this going to be their new every day task.

Also, re-reading my “mission”, it is terribly vague. And it’s not like I don’t do this a lot of the time anyway.

Task 2

1. What will become possible for me and my life if I travel this journey and become a self-expert? List 2 or 3 super-specific awesome things that will happen as a result. Make them magical, beyond your wildest dreams, your ultimate dream!

  • I get to travel to many places every year
  • I get to work on projects that have meaning for me
  • I get to work with and be with awesome people

It said to be specific, and these points aren’t particularly specific. Two reasons for this. The first, this course is supposed to help me find specifics. Not sure it’s helped yet. The second, is that bullet one is vague, because I’d like to travel all around the world. If you they want me to be specific, South America is high on my list, but then also Asia. Bullet two, this is where I would like to be specific and this is where I’m having problems being specific. The third is that hopefully an awesome project come with awesome people and vice versa.

2. What will happen if you don’t? List 2 or 3 of the worst possible things that could happen if you don’t travel down this road. Think if the things that are really painful. Remember we are motivated by pain or pleasure so let your mind go to the worst situation imaginable.

I have a problem when they say “worst situation imaginable”. The worst possible situation is that I die, sick and lonely. But I don’t think they mean that. I think this is career related.

  • I will be stuck in a repetitive job with no prospects of advancement
  • I will have a job which in which I find the client offensive (e.g. racist)
  • I won’t have the money to do any travelling

3. Why is it an absolute MUST for you to create a life of purpose for you and those that you love?

Again with the assumptions. Possibly motivation is easier for those with a spouse and children, but I have neither. So why is is a MUST for me?

Because I’ll feel unfulfilled. I might go a bit crazy. It would be bad for my health. I’ll die an early death.

In review of all of this, what I want, as far as I can determine, is a job that has freedom and will intellectually stimulate me. I suppose this is the reason I live in London. London is a travel hub and it is a good place to reach many other places in the world. It also has people from around the world, so every day I meet new and interesting people. It also has lots of intellectual people. I suppose I want a job that has many different facets and is not routine.

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