21 days to… day eleven

Day eleven of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Defining Your Change”

As before some of these questions have already appeared in other Live Your Legend exercises, so I have sort of done them.

What you want to be different? Where you are unhappy right now?

I don’t have a job, and when I did have a job I was restricted into a narrow field, whereas I know I am capable of so much more.

What does a change means to you?

I’m not sure it would be a full career change, but a new direction is probable. I’ve been doing essentially the same job for over 20 years. I think that I should be aiming my efforts in a different directions, both specific and general. Specific in that I should chase more infovis stuff, but general as I’m capable of more than just corporate artwork, which has been my mainstay for so long. Do I want to start a business? Not necessarily. But that doesn’t mean no. If my niche doesn’t exist then maybe I need to create it.

Now, compare these answers to your values, do they line up? If they don’t, rework until your change and your values are in alignment.

To recap my values list is: current – freedom, intelligence, learning/growing, fun, exploration; ideal – happy/cheerful, friendliness/warmth, positivity, health, forgiveness

So examining the ‘change’ answer with the ‘values’ answer and then reworking…

My current values lists means I want a dream job, and my ideal values lists means I want to improve my relations with people.

I’m doing this course (and following the LYL website) to try to find out what my ideal job is, and while I might be moving closer to an answer, I feel that progress is slow and I’m yet to believe whether I will actually get an answer.

As for improving my relations with people. That requires working on myself as a person. I think meditation is helping with that. And getting out of a toxic work environment is also helping. And also, I think I am starting to surround myself with better people. LYL has made me believe I need to pick and chose my friends better and I think I have been doing that.

Why do you want to make this change? It is often helpful to have a reason greater than yourself.

This answer wants me to say “to help people” and I do help people when I see that my help is needed and would do good. But ultimately I want this change for me, as I want a more fulfilling life.

What do you want to be known for?

At the moment my most enduring legacy was a magazine I used to run in the 90s which I know a lot of people still remember with fondness. It I could repeat that somehow larger on the internet. It wasn’t the magazine itself that I’m proud of, but the fact that it became a way of bringing like minded people together and they still have enduring friendships decades on. It’d be great if I could be involved in another movement like this, probably a website.

What story do you want your great grandchildren to tell about you?

There’s a huge assumption in this questions that I’m going to ignore, and reframe the question as “what story do you want people in 80 or 100 years to tell about you?”

This sort of has the same answer as the next question.

When you think about yourself on your deathbed, what do you want to be proud of?

He was a unique person – in his sense of humour, in the way that he looks at the world, the way he helped others to see the world.

Who do you want to serve and help?

I don’t know. This is an honest answer, not a lazy answer. When I started my magazine I was part of the dance club community of Adelaide and I saw that they needed something and so I made it happen. So, I suppose I want to help a community that I’m part of. And this is my problem, other than “Londoners” and “my friends” I don’t know what other communities I could help. Artworkers?

There is a club that I’ve attended now for many years, and I saw that they needed some help and I helped them. Although they welcomed the help, their response was to do less themselves. So instead of my help adding to the overall sum of the experience, it has probably made the core players lazier. If I’m going to help a community, then it needs to open to my help.

Likewise I offered my help to the London New Tech group and received no response. I will keep trying. But I can’t help a group that doesn’t want to be helped.

I often help my colleagues in areas that are not my remit. But because I see a need and for this I am often thanked.

What impact do you want to have?
  • I want to help make people’s lives easier – work smarter, not harder – through help and education
  • I want to make individuals feel important.
Five steps

The above answers (according to the exercise) should then be written as five sentences.

1. I am here to…

  • learn
  • educate
  • create
  • make individuals feel they are important

2. I want to experience…

  • freedom
  • intelligence
  • learning
  • fun
  • friendship
  • positivity

3. I want to help…

  • people
  • my community

(but who exactly I don’t know)

4. The purpose of my life is…
(surely the same as question 1)

  • learn
  • educate
  • create
  • make individuals feel they are important

5. Now combine them all

The purpose of my life is learn, educate and create in a fun, positive way.

Apparently this is the mission of my life.

I realise sometimes that I am very cynical about this process and that is not very positive, which I have just said is part of my life’s mission. But I have a lot of doubt, just generally, about everything. So it’s not that I’m not being positive. I am doing this course seriously, and I’m trying to be positive, but that doesn’t stop the cynic inside of me from having his voice.

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