21 days to… day ten

Day ten of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Defining Your Success”

Task 1: done

Task 2: What are you currently chasing? More importantly, why? What do you think this will give you?

Fulfillment. To be fulfilled. I’m not chasing money at the moment, as I don’t have a job. I suppose I will need to soon, as I cannot remain without a job. Freedom? Being without a job means I have some freedom of a sort. Although having money would mean that I have a different kind of freedom.

How do these line up with your values?

I think they line up pretty well. My problem is not the pursuit, it’s knowing what to pursue. Hence this course “discover your passion”.

Task 3: Write down what success actually means to you.

There are two variants of this. One with a job and one without.

With a job. That is, having a job which fulfills me, which engages me, which makes me wake up every morning and want to take on the world. I did this once, many years ago, with my magazine business, The Core. I never had any big plan, it happened organically. It was as if it had to happen like that, and although I was the driving force behind it, it seemed effortless. Not the work. The work was hard. But the motivation was effortless. I always thought that I would find that again, effortlessly. Now, many years later, I am talking a more proactive approach to looking for it.

Without a job. I’d love just to have enough money to travel the world. To have places to live around the world. Spend a few months in London, a few in Europe, a few in South America, a few in Australia. Work on whatever projects I wanted, even if they weren’t profitable. I have enough imagination and interests that I could easily not be bored without a job (I’ve proven that in recent months). But to fund this lifestyle I’d need money. So that probably means a job and the first option.

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