21 days to… day eight

Day eight of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Discovering Your Strengths and Non-Strengths”

Some of today’s task they have asked me before and some I have written down before. And some, like yesterday, I feel are too personal to record in public. So while I will complete the 21 Days’ PDF I may not write everything here. (Actually, I won’t complete the PDF as I haven’t received the next installment, starting today, day 8. But I will write the answers somewhere).

Today’s tasks are divided into two sections – the good and the bad, strengths and non-strengths.


What tasks are you good at?

Learning. Finding solutions. Practically speaking, artworking, graphics, programming.

What things do you genuinely enjoy doing?

Same as above. Plus travelling, being with friends.

What activities leave you buzzing with energy?

Creating stuff. Learning stuff. Travelling. Being with friends.

What tasks do you get lost in—when minutes become hours?

Coding interactives. Like Actionscript (Flash) or Javascript (websites). Again this is like solving problems, coming up with solution to meet the end.

What do bosses, coworkers or friends always ask you to help with?

Knowledge, in general, I seem to know about a wide range of things, or know, quickly, how to find out. Problem solving.

Where are you an expert?

Artworking. Finding out knowledge. Data mining. General knowledge.

What are the things you’re most proud of?

I have written about this here.

What skills and experience do you believe you have that others would happily pay you for right now?

Artworking. Web development. Motion graphics. Graphic design.

What underlying strengths do these tasks require?

Live Your Legend have suggested many times that I do the Strengths Finder test. And I did some months ago. The results are here. The very abbreviated results are: Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Ideation, Intellection.


What tasks make your blood boil when they cross your mind?

Stupidity. Ignorance. Hypocrites.

What tasks do you dread—minutes feel like hours?

Business meetings, especially progress meetings.

I think the rest of these task are being a bit too personal to publish on the web. Nonetheless here are those tasks.

  • What work or social experiences have been most difficult for you?
  • What have been your worst work experiences and who were you with?
  • What have been your worst personal experiences and who were you with?
  • What do you constantly procrastinate?
  • What has been on your list of “things to do” for months or years?
  • What does this show about what you hate doing?

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