21 days to… day seven

Day seven of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Recognising Your Uniqueness”

This is a weird one as I’m not going to publish the answers to the tasks here. This course comes with a PDF that I can fill out, and while I’ve largely been ignoring it, as I’m writing my answers on this blog. For today, I have written my answer in the PDF.

Why am I not publishing my answers? Many of the questions in this 21 day course and indeed, many of the issues I have been talking about in this blog are quite personal. Today’s tasks are getting even more so, and for one of them the course suggests to keep it private anyway. For another of the tasks, it’s an ongoing exercise, so I couldn’t have posted answers here. So I thought I just wouldn’t do any of them here.

However, I can post the questions. And I have answered them.

1. The usual

2. What do you think makes you unique? What do you like that is different from those around you? What do you believe that is different than those around you?

3. What do you do differently than anyone else? Do you have a unique approach or process for doing certain things?

4. What do people thank you for? (the only going exercise)

5. Comes in several parts (the really personal one, apparently)

  1. What I think I should say is important to me/What is truly important to me.
  2. What I think I should do/What I really want to do.
  3. Who I think I should be/What I really want to be.
  4. How much money I think I should make/How much money I really need to make.
  5. The way I think I should spend my time/How I really want to spend my time.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more explicit.

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