21 days to… day six

Day six of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Realising What You Want – Values 101”

One of the good things about doing this 21 day course is that is has brought more structure to my day. There is something that I have to do every day and so it is making me catch up on all the other things in my life. Consequently I am now only about 2 days behind my schedule. While this sounds like “I’m still being schedule”, I am confident that I can get back on course. In the last week I have managed to complete some topics that have been in my calendar, and that were months behind schedule. Some of these were things that I was “gonna” do for years. So being only 2 days behind is an amazing achievement.

One thing else that I’ve noted by doing this 21 day course is that I’ve already covered some of these topics as part of following the Live Your Legend website. Not that re-covering them is a bad thing. But, like today’s exercise, I already have the answers.

Today’s exercise is about Values. I wrote about that here. Following something I read on the LYL website, I bought Anthony Robbins’s book Awaken the Giant Within, read a couple of specific chapters* and did the exercises there. I even specifically met up with a friend a couple of times to go over my answers.

(*I have not read the rest of the book. I intend to, but as part of doing LYL my reading list keeps going up. I have two piles of books in my room. Those I have read as part of LYL, and those I am yet to read. The current score is 7 to 4.)

Now, in today’s exercise they ask what are the five values most important to me. In the Robbins exercise I not only get asked what my five values are most important to me now (current values), but also what are the five values that I should work on that would improve my life (ideal list). It is pointless working on a value you have already achieve, and continue to achieve easily. What are the values that would make me the best person that I could?

My current top five
  • Freedom
  • Intelligence
  • Learning/Growing
  • Fun
  • Exploration
My ideal top five
  • Happy/cheerful
  • Friendliness/warmth
  • Positivity
  • Health
  • Forgiveness

The two lists are completely different. But the second is list is what I feel I need to do to achieve a better life. Not that I don’t have these values. I do. But my current top five can take care of themselves. Moving towards the ideal top five more would bring me a more satisfying life.

Then as part of both exercises (from LYL and from Robbins) what are the small achievable steps to take towards these values.


I feel happy when I laugh or smile. When I achieve a goal, or a step towards a goal. When I learn something new or experience something new. When I’m with friends.


I feel friendliness when I’m with friends, or with warm, convivial people. Or even when I am communicating with friends on the internet or phone.


I appreciate the life that I have. I appreciate the contribution that others make. I appreciate the world around me. I appreciate creativity.


I feel healthier when I take steps to become fitter, like stretching and exercising.


I should acknowledge. I should accept. I should choose to forgive. I should realise that what’s past is past. I should move on.

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