21 days to… day four

Day four of the course “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”. Today is entitled “Reframing Discomfort”Task 1: done

Task 2 – Identify one wat you will live outside of your comfort zone for the next three weeks

The suggestions for this task include:

  • Volunteer to give a talk to a group of friends or office mates. Any speech at all will do.
  • Start a conversation with someone new. Ideally with someone your find attractive if you’re single. Start with a smile.
  • Call someone you look up to and ask them 3 questions. Make them meaningful.
  • Negotiate a better deal on a fixed price item at a retail store. Don’t let them tell you no.
  • Pitch an idea to someone who could help make it a reality.
  • The next time you hear yourself say no… stop, and say yes instead!

Point 1 – I did this last week. I spoke, free of charge, at a meeting for a friend’s business. Point 2 – I am single and I do this often.

Point 4 – while I agree that one can negotiate for the price at more ephemeral stalls and similar, I disagree with doing this at more established businesses. I see people trying this all the time and it must be an absolute pain for the people behind the counter. I am the complete opposite. I want to be the customer that know exactly what he wants, is very polite and organised and gives the counter staff the breeziest experience possible. I want to help them along in their day, not be the hassle. So I doubt I’ll be doing point 4.

Point 5 – I have done this several times where I have seen an opportunity, either in print or web, for someone who didn’t even think that they needed something (or something different) and managed to get their business. However I could do this again.

So I am supposed to schedule three ‘outside my comfort zone’ things over three weeks. OK, my three are

  • Going for a run around my local park. While this might not sound much, I hate running (not exercising per se, but running for running’s sake) and my apartment building faces a very large park.
  • Point 3. Call someone you look up to and ask them 3 questions. Make them meaningful. I don’t know who yet.
  • Point 6. The next time you hear yourself say no… stop, and say yes instead.

I’m supposed to schedule these over the next three weeks. I am not going to schedule them individually, I don’t know when I’ll get the opportunity to say ‘no’. But I’m aiming to do one of each on the next three Wednesdays. Which, for the record, are 1st, 8th and 15th of June. I will edit this post with my record of which I have done.

Task 3 – Identify one quick way to change my state

This one is problematic. I have tried this before and I don’t know the answer. I have found that if I get into a negative mood then I just have to run its course. Any attempt to short circuit it just annoys me and probably makes it worse. The way to change my state is just to let that state change by itself. If I’m by myself, this is not a problem, but I still would like to be able to change this. But if I’m with others, I think it takes a lot more to change my mood to negative, as I try to stay positive. But then once the negativity happens it is that much worse. Once I’ve succumbed to negativity I find it very hard to change my mood. Like I said, it just has to run out of steam by itself. I think I’ve failed in this task. I have been looking for a solution for a long while. I think the solution is to generally try not to get into a negative state of mind. Which leads me to the next task.

Task 4  – Schedule stillness into my days for the next two weeks

I took up meditating some months back and I try to do this every day. I succeed at least every two days.

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