21 days to… day one

My blog posts are like busses, blah, blah, blah, three all at once.

Having first discovered the Live Your Legend website back in August last year, I thought that after a while, if I still thought it was relevant, I would do their paid for course.

Then, they gave the course I was interested in a mini re-boot. So, today, I signed up. It is called “21 days to discover your passion”.

Like most things in my life, I was doubtful until I started doing it. Today I did both day 0 and day 1. Day 0 doesn’t really count. Day 1 consisted of three tasks.

Task 1 – Give myself permission.

I must admit this sounds like the most wanky thing, but as I keep telling myself (and it keeps proving to be right), you don’t know until you try. So the sentence I wrote is:

I give myself permission to find my passion, to take the time to find out what this is and not always take the easy, lazy way out.

They said I should be specific and this is not that specific, but I don’t think I actually deny myself permission a lot. Although I did agree with some of the points that accompanied this:

So how do you know if you currently don’t have permission to do something you love? Here are just a few potential warning signs:

  • You procrastinate taking action
  • You play smaller than you know you’re capable of
  • You hide your achievements (or worse, talk them down)
  • You dial down your excitement

Task 2 – watch this video

I’ve watched this video before, some months ago. But this time I took a lot more away from it. Indeed I took notes.

The video outlines the “Passionate Work Framework” and its three steps.

Video: Step 1 – Become a self expert

Much of what I have taken from Live Your Legend is to “know thyself”. As part of this is their Compass which has four points (and leads this post into the third level of headings)

Compass: Point 1 – Values

My values? Learning, teaching, knowledge

Compass: Point 2 – Strengths and Talents

He talks about the Strengths Finder book, which I did a few months ago and I talk about my results here. But in summary, my strengths are:

Strategic – creates alternative ways to proceed. Quickly spots the relevant patterns and issues.

Learner – has a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. The process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites.

Achiever – has a great deal of stamina and works hard. Takes great satisfaction from being busy and productive.

Ideation – fascinated by ideas. Finds connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.

Intellection – characterised by intellectual activity. Introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

Compass: Point 3 – Experiences

What have I done that I love? The first thing that comes to mind is the magazine that I ran, The Core. And in general, creation, I love creating things, especially graphically.

Who inspires me? Hans Rosling.

What do I hate? Stupidity, arrogance.

Compass: Point 4 – Define your own success

My own success? Creating things that are new and different. Not just churning out stuff that is same same. Learning and passing on knowledge.

Video: Step 2 – Do your own impossible

Do the things that you think that are impossible, but take small steps towards this goal.

The example he gives is fitness. Start with something you can do, and then ramp it up slowly. I have actually already been following this as I have started regular exercise. After months and months of think that I should do it, I have started small. 30 minutes, every second day, with lots of rest, but I get a little bit better at it each day.

Video: Step 3 – Surround yourself with inspiring/passionate people

I admit that this is the one I find hardest. Where do I find these inspiring people. This is why I got to the London New Tech meetings. And after seeing this in the video today I went and joined a couple more Meetup groups, this time to do with Motion Graphics.

Task 3 – Join the Live Your Legend Action and Accountability Team

This is on Facebook. I joined, but have yet to receive confirmation I’m in.

Finally, there were also PDFs to download to track each day’s task. With a daily tick box to say whether I had written about what I had done. Hence this post.


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