InfoVis – Happiness, War, Immigration, Maps and Flowers

World Happiness vs World Income

This interactive allows you to swap between a world map of happiness and a world map of income. There is somewhat of a correlation between the two. Although Latin American seems happier with less money, and Eastern Europe seems less happy with more.

World Happiness vs World Income

21 Worst Atrocities in History

This interactive shows the worst death tolls throughout (and because of) human history. You can view the figures as absolute numbers or compared to 1950s figures.

21 worst atrocities

Peace and violence

Comparing the amount of people killed by war and murder to the people who weren’t, since 1 AD.

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Two Centuries of US Immigration

This interactive shows where from and when immigrants went to the US. You can let it just play through the years or use the slider yourself.

US Immigration

Make your own custom map

Choose your map – 2 versions of the world, 4 regions, 7 countries to choose from. Then colour it up as you like. Here is a map of Europe that I did.

Map of Europe

Flowers: pretty and fashionably late

This is a link to a Wikipedia page. I’ve put this here, not because of it’s a particularly innovative piece of visualisation, but more for what it shows. I did not know (or had forgotten) that mammals have been around longer than flowers.

Evolutionary chart

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