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Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is a Swedish health statistician, whose company, Gapminder, invented a new way to visualise health statistics.

Like all good visualisation, it simplified the understanding of the information presented and the visualisation can be applied to other data. So much so that you can now use his graphing tools through Google graphs.

I came across Rosling on TED talks and he has done several of these. They are all very interesting to watch, and challenge many preconceptions through the visualisation of data.

He has also made two TV specials with the BBC. Here is a clip from one of them. What I like about his is that it combines his Gapminder graphs, his analysis of the data, his enthusiasm for presenting this data and combining of all of these through clever motion graphics and video editing. This is information visualisation at its finest, using all the possible tools to present 120,000 points of data in an engaging, understandable way.


Kurzgesagt is a German based YouTube channel which does really amazing animations, both in the visuals and the information they convey.

I’d really like to be able to work on videos like these. Here is an example of what they do.


I have been doing motion graphics (computer animation) for many years. I did units in both my undergraduate and post graduate degrees. I have worked with the applications Director, Flash, Maya and most recently After Effects. Most of my showreel from my last post was mostly created in After Effects.

Recently however I have started learning Cinema4D. It’s early days yet, and it’s obviously a very powerful program, but it’s a bit similar to Maya.

Apart from tutorials the first thing I created in Cinema4D was a couple of ideas I had for the logo of the online channel South West London TV. This was just me have a bit of fun.